Hello there! I’m Casey and have some recent life events that have inspired me to finally share and start this lifestyle blog.  I’m from the East Coast and found myself in CO after a few years post Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). There have been a few different career paths for me from corporate, to small, to start up.  After living in Denver for a bit, my lovely husband and I decided we wanted to be away from the crowds and moved up to the foothills where we are still only 45 mins away from Denver action, but secluded enough to really enjoy the outdoors and our two rescue dogs.  We’re expecting our first small babe in June, and couldn’t be more excited.

When I’m not blogging, I’m at our local Crossfit gym, outside, with friends, crafting, watching my husband cook or watching the newest, greatest series on Netflix.  I’m Crossfit Level 1 certified and love the sport, trying to make it 4-5 times/week.  I eat about 70%-30% Paleo and could benefit from being stricter which I man up and do periodically throughout the year.

My goal with this blog is to hopefully bring some insight and humor to relate to real life and normal humans.  I’m going through my first pregnancy, working through that and trying to mentally prepare for a game changer, so I hope to connect with some moms to be and existing moms as well! Enjoy and I’d love to hear your comments.  You can also follow me on Instagram: @lifesaidso.

Thanks for reading!