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Craft Room Creation

After being fed up with going from the garage, to the guest room, to the office to collect craft supplies, it was time to make a designated area.  We have a loft in our home which I love, but it has some awkward space on a back wall that only consisted of a shelf we sat there when we moved and a table I had re-done with Annie Sloan chalk paint.


I took a long hard look at it and envisioned a way to make this space useful where I could centralize all my crafting material and a work space.


Here are the steps I took to make a craft space happen:

  1. Consider all your supplies and what you want to store.  My list included things like wreath making supplies, Silhouette printer, cardstock, paint and paint samples, fabric, brushes, staple guns, etc.
  2. Then I considered the best way to store and options.  I wanted to utilize items we had around the house being on a budget and knowing I could get creative with things we already had.  Two of those things being two end tables from bedroom suites that we did not have space for in the new nursery or spare bedroom.
    One of the old end tables that I had to sand off where packaging tape had once been on

    Also, we had this tall, old shelf that was still holding dvds when we don’t even own a dvd player any more.

    Our old shelf that really needed a face lift! 

    Finally, my husband had a pegboard hanging on the wall downstairs that was awesome for storing his tools, etc.  I knew these were cheap, so I picked up one from Home Depot & hooks to hang and use.  It was already white and cut to perfect size so this was very easy.

  3. Because I wanted my storage items to look decent in the area, I decided to redo the 1 end table and the shelf.  See before and after pics below.  Essentially for these I used Annie Sloan “Old Ochre” chalk paint and contact paper I found on Amazon for the shelf.  I used black chalk paint & contact paper from Walmart and painted handles from an old Benjamim Moore sample I had for the 1 end table (Louisville Green).
    Annie Sloan “Old Ochre” and lined the back with Contact Paper 
    Never use packagin tape on furniture when moving…. so annoying to remove

    Handles painted with a paint sample (Louisville Green) from Benjamim Moore

    I lined the bottom and sides with contact paper

    Final Product!

  4. Once I finished those, I was ready to gather and start organizing The amount of space provided was perfect

    Organizational Process….
  5. To make the wall cuter, I got some decoupage letters from Hobby Lobby and picked out 5 paper prints I liked to cover them with.  I just used an exacto knife, watered down Elmer’s glue, and picture hangers to mount. .
  6. Not Overwhelming at All…

    I placed the letter face down and just carved around it with and exacto knife to get the paper to fit!

    Setting up for gluing it on

    I just watered down regular all purpose Elmer’s glue to pain on the letter

  7. I also wanted a nicer looking chair so decided to give recovering this chair a go.  I had never recovered a bar chair before and it was super easy! I just turned the chair upside down and unscrewed the cushion. See below for details

    Picked out my fabric at Hobby Lobby, just got a 3×3

    Centered my cushion

    Start Stapling! From the middle out toward the edges, and make sure to pull tight so no wrinkles are on the other side!

    Trim the excess

    So much better

    Screw your cushion back on!
  8. Finally, I had my craft area complete and have been using it everyday since!



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