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DIY Baby Closet Remodel

We have FINALLY finished our baby closet remodel. This was one of those projects that really didn’t seem too difficult on paper, but took a lot longer than we anticipated…so like most projects.  Even still, SO worth it, and doing it DIY saved us some cash.  We thought about buying shelving and getting some help with design, but it was looking like over $500 at least to do so.  With all below, we ended up spending ~$150 to $200 with the baskets.  The idea began during one of my many staring sessions around the future nursery.  I was staring at the standard closet with 1 shelf ,1 bar across, and 2 cheap hollow sliding doors.  Then, all the Amazon Prime boxes in the garage full of baby items came to mine and it was decided: this needs to transform into awesome storage and organization.  So what now?  “Husband, we need to transform this closet, asap”…Response: “Ok, I’ll make you a deal.  I’m traveling a lot for work so time is limited. You have to design it to scale, pick out materials, I’ll proof it, and then do the cutting and mounting.”

OK, done I just had to figure out how to design something to scale.  I was up for the challenge because I pretty much wanted control of how it looked anyway.  I decided to start by going through the items we had for the baby that would need storage space and made a list.  I looked up their measurements, wrote it all down, and started measuring the closet and attacking Pinterest for ideas.  I got out some graph paper left over from my previous career, and got to it. Here are our steps to baby closet dreamdom below:


  1. Go to registry and figure out what you will certainly need and pick out what you want storage space for.  My list included things like folded up activity mat, rock and play, pack and play, diaper backstock, clothes, baskets for toys, swing seat, etc.
  2. Measure awkward baby items & take note
  3. Measure Closet dimensions in every which way- you’ll see below I did my measurements and included measuring around the existing so we could utilize it.  Yes I know I have horrible handwriting.

4. Attack Pinterest.  Here are a few ideas that got the creative juices flowing: I Heart Organizing’s Sweet Baby Storage,’s multiple picture ideas, Just A Girl’s DIY Closet Post

5.  Sketch: start sketching based on your closet measurements.  Thank goodness for erasers.  I drew and re-drew the closet design and measurements to scale quite a few times.  I also wanted to maximize hanging space for kids clothes and provide a middle section with baskets for the whirlwind of various items that come with kids.  I think it took me 3 hours.  Check out my final design paper below:

Closet Design and Scale Sheet

We actually ended up flipping the right and left lower sides because our middle shelf came out a little off center and it made more sense.


6. Materials: Always keep your Home Depot receipts.  I returned items twice we didn’t end up needing- including screws and brackets. Here is a list with notes of what we ended up needing:

  • Melmine Panel for the shelving materials– we managed to purchase one and measure out so we almost used every bit!
  • Aluminum Pole- ft. Can’t find a link but Home Depot has them for about $18
  • Pole Sockets we needed 2 sets to account for the 2 new hanging areas we were creating
  • Brackets- there are lots of basic metal options and sizes. We went smaller for the lighter shelves and slighty bigger for heavier shelves and purchased matching screws that were indicated on the box.  Tip: Get short screws so they don’t crack your Melamine board on the other side!
  • Iron On Edge Tape for the edges of the boards- this is not what I wanted at first.  I would have rather had stick on, but the iron on was actually pretty easy and stuck on well
  • Exact-O knife– to trim the edge of your trim that went over
  • Drill
  • Dry Wall Anchors and Screws
  • Stud Finder
  • 8 arms and hands…. we did it with 4 and it worked out, but 8 would have been great 🙂
  • Circular Saw– a table saw would have been ideal but we worked with what we had 

7. Cut and Construct.  This is where the hubz came in after he proofed (and was impressed) my design. Horn tooted. He did a great job getting lines straight with the circ saw- enough to our standards of a DIY project, and its a closet, no one is die hard looking at our edges… There are lots of options on Pinterest and many couples who have done some pretty professional jobs (tongue and groove) that would have taken us a lot longer.  We wanted this closet to be solid, functional, and pretty good looking but it just didn’t need to be anything fancy.  Though in my opinion, our end result would up perfect for us and I spruced up some areas with paint.

Cutting didn’t take so long, it was the mounting that got a little tricky and took trial & error. Our loyal companions laid next to us the whole time and continue to do so any time we are working in there. I’m not sure if they are being supportive or wondering who the heck is coming to town that deserves this much work…

We started with the middle section, then worked out way out to the shelves and poles. See below for some construction pics:

Iron On Trim Edging during the process
I used Annie Sloan for the existing top shelf to paint over scuff marks- I did not pain the Melamine board 
The FINAL layout! 


It took us I would say at least 6 or 7 dedicated evenings/Saturday mornings to get everything done. We decided to ditch the stupid doors, and are going to hang nice curtains as doors for now, eventually upgrading to accordion doors when its in the budget and we care enough again.

Soon, I’ll be doing a post on nursery organization so you can see how I loaded this closet along with other organization tips for the little nugget’s room.  Stay tuned, thanks for reading and please pin any closet pics you think others would find helpful! Baskets and drawers that you see here are from Walmart.


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