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Babymooning, Push Presents and Social Protocol…

Greetings All and happy Friyay! This post is coming to you from 29 weeks, my birthday eve (32 wowzers), and a melty Friday in CO where I woke up to another 7in on the ground a couple days ago and the high today is 60…. My husband went out of town this week, which generally means its going to start snowing as soon as his plane wheels leave the ground….

This year we upgraded to an ATV, but since we are cheap, we/my husband, refused to pay to have someone hook it up with a plow and all its accessories , so we/he rigged it up….Nothing seemed to fit together despite the model numbers matching, yada yada, so long story short after manually hammering metal, learning about ATV engines, electrical wiring and a lot of choice words….he pulled it off! Just in time for….April. But, I got to use that bad boy this week, and it was definitely more efficient, but still a man-handling piece of equipment.  I found myself completely over it after I was done. I shoveled about 3 of 10 stairs on the deck and decided whoever needs to come over can use the garage instead for the next couple of days. DONE.

29 Weeks and Snow-plowing

Speaking of winter, let’s talk Babymoon and other pregnancy concepts! We just went on our “Babymoon” at Winter Park Ski Resort for our last shabang.  More on this here. But for this post, I want to touch on these baby concepts & trends I’ve been encountering.  Lots of these are new to me & my husband.  Most of the time I love them because they are cute and give you an excuse to do something fun, but other times I feel like they put pressure on couples & individuals who just want to be pregnant and have a kid without all the hullabaloo.  As is my mantra, just like being pregnant, I think its important to do as we feel and don’t feel like we have to conform to things we just don’t freaking feel like doing or that feel wrong for us.  Here are a few examples:

Pregnancy Announcements: How you announce your big news. This one is a hard balance because it is so exciting, but setting the bar to a Pinterest level is a set up for anxiety and failure. Cakes, ,mailers, golf balls, buns in ovens, popping balloons, donuts, onsies & dogs.  We did Christmas cards doubled as announcements & ornaments for family. Now, I’m pretty crafty and made the adorable ornaments below to announce to our fam, but you better believe they didn’t quite match my Pinterest board.  For about .5 seconds I was like “I should totally start and etsy store”….no. It took way longer than I wanted it to (as usual up til 1am the night before heading out of town finishing them…) and I wished the whole time I had elf hands & fingers, but it was so worth it to me to hand make them and see their faces. I really enjoyed this! If you’re not crafty or don’t feel an “announcement” is needed- there is 0 wrong with a simple phone call!

We used this image for our Christmas card: “New Boots to Fill, 2017”

Gender Reveal– boy or girl? Another Pinterest pressure session comin’ in hot.  So many creative ideas! We made a cake with pink M&Ms inside inspired by this Betty Crocker Posting, and cut it during a super bowl party.  We didn’t want to have a separate “event” for it because, for us, that felt like overload.  So we just added to the fat party of dips and football and cut a delicious cake. It was super cute & this is one I loved baking a cake up for.  I considered doing a Paleo recipe, but that got hard and more expensive really fast, so it was nixed. There is a video of our cutting on my insta feed @caseatelevation. Round two will probably be a group text message…unless I’m again craving cake.

Our M&M Gender Reveal Cake! 

Babymoon– Last holiday as a “free couple” before the baby is born.  My mom thinks this is so funny. It’s kind of like how she thinks its crazy that we traveled the country to bachelorette parties and weddings.  Times have changed, Madre.  I wrote a separate post about this one. We felt like we were forcing it, then it turned out great.

Baby Shower: Obvi very normal, but can be done WAY over the top. If that’s your jam, do it to it and Pin away so we can all see, but maybe if others are throwing it for you, keep your expectations at bay.  They might not be as excited to stay up until 1am making ultrasound cookies as you would be… oh my.


3D Ultrasounds: Certainly a personal choice- this was creepy for us, we declined the offer.

Mom Fitness Overload: Guilty as charged. I love working out pregnant and throw up all over my insta about it (@caseatelevation).   It’s a fun community to be a part of and I find myself getting inspired by others doing the same. #crossfitpregnancy

Instagram Overload on these…sorry I’m not sorry

Maternity Photos– These are always SO good and lots of people love to have them.  I don’t think we’re getting any this go-round but I think we will in the future.  We would definitely value them, but it just doesn’t make sense for us right now.

Midwife and Doulas: Lot of people use midwives and Doulas.  I’m a big supporter of both, but we’ve chosen to go with our practice and regular OB because that’s the path we’ve liked so far.  Look at all your options and do what you two are most comfortable with and try to ignore the inevitable unsolicited advice- recently found some of this in aisle 4 at the grocery store….Can I just buy some grapenuts & not hear why I should use a Doula from a complete stranger…? I just stood there and considered walking away with the Oreos in her cart.

Push Present: Gift from your spouse after you give birth (more on this below)

Like I said, I find myself loving some of these, and then surprised that others are even a “thing” and have no problem not participating. But, there was a time where I did care, that was about 7 months ago right before we got pregnant.  These concepts give the TTC woman the imagery of what it can be like to be pregnant, and the yearn for that was so present.  Now that I am pregnant, my perspective has changed on what I prioritize my time on and giving two craps about what anybody thinks about our decisions while I’m pregnant or thereafter.  I remember having some anxiety that my husband wouldn’t know to give me a “push present”…. Seriously, gross, who am I!? He’s one of the most uninformed humans on earth about pop culture and trends which is one of the endearing things I love about him (I had to not-so-long ago explain to him who the Kardashians were…).  The thought of him getting me something because it’s the trendy thing makes me cringe because it would be coming from the wrong place.  I wasn’t being honest with myself because truly, where was my angst coming from? I’ll tell you: Being judged & fearing that people would think he’s somehow inconsiderate and didn’t understand the undertaking I just went through. It makes me sick that I felt that way even for a second. I almost let something like this concept affect my emotional state while BIRTHING A HUMAN- one of the worst/then best moments of our lives!  He’ll be boo-hooing emotional just like at our wedding, and I never question how much he cares. My point is, these concepts should remain fun, loving and light-hearted.  Don’t take them too seriously or feel pressured because errrbody else seems to be doing it. You and your sig need to do YOU, and if that means a push present, then enjoy the shit out of it! I’ll tell you, I’m not turning down a pretty little gift if its intentions are true! Gimme that! But, I am going to make a point to keep it real here.  We’re creating a human and about to embark on the biggest responsibility of our lives.  This kid will being watching what we do and seeing that as the way of life- talk about pressure, Pinterest has nothing on that.


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