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Our Babymoon! Winter Park

Spring has sprung and the spring snow in CO is present and heavy as ever.  It is April, and we decided to take our Babymoon last weekend in hopes that we would hit some warm weather, maybe have a pool involved, and get some good mocktails for me….. Well, this came true about 1/3 of the way… As the weekend got closer, we still didn’t have any plans.  We found planning this was kind of tough unless we up and went to Mexico which just wasn’t a option with our “we’re having a freaking baby” budget. So, parameters are set and limitations are realized.   What can we do? I can’t drink, can’t ski, no hot tub, no hot springs, no horseback riding, no no no no. Hmm ok now, it has to be something driveable, allow dogs,  have good food at least? I literally just described staying at our house in the foothills as the best option….But NO, I wanted to get away-ish so I wouldn’t do laundry, fuss over house projects or starting nesting habits as I suddenly do on a regular basis. My dream of sun and Mexican mocktails quickly faded, but we knew we just needed an escape to veg and get outside with the dogs.

Suddenly, for the designated weekend, its calling for a boatload of snow…12-18in at a nearby resort, Winter Park. Great .  I know that immediate look in my husband’s eye when powder is in the area.  Here comes the “suggestion” that we go to Winter Park for the weekend and “he’ll only ski a few hours on the powder day.”  Our babymoon was suddenly turning into a local powder ski day where I could not participate….the worst thing about it? I had no better ideas to get away.  So, I conceded.  After all, its his weekend too and he should take advantage of the powder days, but this did result in a very “meh” feeling for me going into the weekend.  I was mentally listing the money we could have saved on staying home & all the things I could get done at home while he was skiing.  All the while biting my tongue to not be bitter about it because, again, there really just weren’t better seeming options, especially ones that involved sun and a pool- so, off we went.

Loaded up and on the way!

We got a cute cabin right in downtown Winter Park which was walkable to everything.  I dropped the hubz off Friday afternoon so he could snowboard for a little bit even though the storm hadn’t started yet, and I moved on to the cabin to get settled and unload. The “meh” feeling still very present as I carried in a large dog crate inside and all the food we packed- Oh good, I get to cook and clean here too.  What a Debbie Downer I was being.  He got back and we drummed up a few good snacks and planned on cooking dinner.

As we were mulling around, he started checking out the forecast and I saw his face very confused.  Within the last couple of hours, the snow forecast went from 12in to 8in…. As we ate dinner, it went to 6in, then 4…..The 100% called for snowstorm of the spring was turning into a complete flop! By the time we went out to get dessert at Volarios, the forecast literally went to .3in! We were both blown away, though me, not upset about it! Since this was the case, my husband immediately said he’s not going snowboarding tomorrow- why ditch me on our Babymoon for crappy snow conditions? AGREED! So he suggested we do a cool hike with the dogs and then hit a couple cool restaurants (Denos, yum!) and bars downtown as we both wanted to watch the March Madness Final Four games and enjoy some grub. BABYMOON TURNAROUND! We had an awesome day.  Got some hipster coffee at Mountain Grinds, went on a great and doable 5 mi hike for my preggers butt & the dogs, walked to 2 great restaurants, got happy hour food AND mocktails for me, then finished off the night with a chocolate cheesecake and a couple games of pool which was embarrassing for both of us. Perfection.

Getting away turned out to be a great move for us despite my projections.  We had time away from our responsibilities at home.  Loved having our little “just the 4 of us” dog family together and happy, and it did actually serve it’s babymoon purpose of an escape. I’ll get my cocktails and sun someday, but this weekend I got my husband and quality time away which was amazeballs.

Crucial items of the weekend:
Carcassonne Game
Muck Boots- hiked a muddy 5 mi in these comfies
Mountain Hardwear Puffy: I didn’t want this at all, but my husband got it for me as a gift, and its the jacket I now wear most often, so functional and can be stuffed into the pocket to become compact for packing!
Sport Dog Collars: this is the one we bought a few years ago, each dog has one.  They have changed our lives and our dogs for the better.  We now have relaxing hikes and mostly only need to use the vibrate feature.  If you have more questions about these, please message me!


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