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Workout Recap, Crossfit Pregnant Modifications & 17.3!

Last week I only got 4 days in & 3 long dog walks, where I normally don’t like to go less than 5.  One of my days was a rest day, and the other was a tabata focused solely on abs at Crossfit.  I haven’t stopped doing abs by any means, but I did want to avoid such an hyper-targeted workout with abs to mitigate the increased chances of Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy). There is no guarantee that this still won’t happen, but to better my chances I’ve been doing regular ab stretches trying to hold each pose for 30secs at a time, and also taking the abs I am doing, slowly. Here is a great article from BirthFit with a little more information on DRA. The stretches hurt so good but because of the small human increasing in size inside of me, its getting harder to take deep breaths during the stretch as my ab muscles are stretching and slightly increasing that pressure.  Even though there was the intense ab workout that day, I still could have gotten off my ass and done a home workout or gone to the pool, but I was human, got lazy and didn’t work it in.  None of which are good excuses…

The moves I still do for abs:

  • Ab mat sit ups
  • M&Ms (lie flat on a bench with legs hanging off but core engaged so you’re holding your lefts up, from there lift legs slowly to 90 degree angle and use the core to do a slight lift so you hips come slightly off the bench) Repeat!
  • Planks of all varieties
  • Bicycle
  • Alternating leg, arm lifts (lie flat on the ground and lift 1 leg while simultaneously lifting the other arm from overhead to touch your toe- take it slow- the slower, the more difficult, the better
  • I do NOT do crunches, mostly because the isolate the upper abs and I’ve never felt like they’ve done much for me

In addition to working out every week, we try to get in a few ROMWOD‘s (Range of Motion, Workout of the Day) which is a great stretching program focused on the Crossfit environment, but anyone can/should do it.  They offer a different session every day of the week.  Its like $14/mn, check it out- its really helped my husband and I.

So, last week was the Crossfit Open 17.3 workout! The workouts are announced on Thursday nights, and our gym does them as the WOD on Fridays. There are 2 more workouts to go (17.4 & 17.5) You have the chance to repeat the workout each week to better your score before scores are due by 5pm Monday.  Unless I’m in an intense competition mode (so NOT right now), ain’t nobody got time for that. One and done for me these days, but you’ll find most of the athletes on repeat until due day.

Prior to the Open I did 2 cfit workouts, then a swim & rep workout Sunday. Quick note, I did not sign up for the Open this year being pregnant, but I feel like I might have been able to sign up for the scaled division, and have some regret there.  They are REALLY stepping up their game for RX this year, and scaled might become the average to slightly above average crossfitter’s game, while RX could be left mostly to the pros…

Workout Week Deets (and any pregnant modifications)!:



For this, I used bands for pull ups because I can’t do strict anymore with the additional weight.  I did push- ups on a bench, and for Toes to Bar, I got my toes up there about 5 inches away from the bar and didn’t push it.

For the Metcon, I still managed to do the Aussies, but had to bend my knees a little, I did the V-ups but those are coming to an end, and the DU’s still felt comfortable!



Front Squats I think I got to 95lbs. For the Metcon AMRAP (as many reps as possible), the only thing I modified here was box jumps. I did step-ups with additional 7.5lbs in each hand to still get a lovely burn.

Friday (ugh I hate taking off 2 days in a row, but such is life):



As you can see the RX is SUPER heavy! I can do 95 lb snatches but would have been dunzo at 8 mins, so I did scaled, and lasted 20mins getting to a 3rd snatch at 95lbs, so I was happy!

Me at 95lbs during 17.3

Sunday: Swim and brief rep work out! I went to my local rec center for this.  I love swimming there, but the “weight room” is so awful to me.  Don’t get me wrong, they have all the equipment, it was just quiet, there were 3 people I could hear breathing who were milling around doing random machines, and it was just so unmotivating.  Props to people who can workout in that environment, but I have to have people to suffer with, and to hold me accountable.  I also really need to find a bathing suit solution- this time I went in a sports bra and Reebok shorts AND I’m super pale….so hot right now. Regardless, I banged out a quick rep scheme of the below after my lovely swim:

10 mins free, 10 mins breast, 10 min free, 10 min breast


35lb bar strict press
35lb bar back squats
7.5lb flies (seems light but after lots of reps, this is a burner!)

Back Squats, and please pardon my paleness! #ineedspring


Find the workout clothes in my previous post here! 17.4 is announced tonight! What will Mr. Castro have in store for this preggers lady?


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