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Maternity Wear and Getting Back to the Basics…

25 weeks was a good one and today we are on to the 26th!  This weekend I attended a beyond Pinterest-worthy baby shower for 2 of our friends who are expecting as well! There were delicious treats like cupcakes themed as owls, and Hershey kisses made into fake acorns.  I tried to have as much self control as possible, but that amounted only to not having a 3rd homemade pastry… My sugar cravings are stupid right now and I’m doing my best at home to sub in yogurt and fruit, but those damn owls were just too much.

There are 5 of us due in the next 3 months…Its a baby wave like woah, and the 3rd trimesters are full on.  I’m hungry, then only eat 4 bites.  I have insomnia, but only every other night.  The little lady is moving away, which is so cool/kinda weird. I feel large, and then am humbled because I have 3 more months to get much larger… and these girls are mostly further along and in heartburn & hot flashes mode. AKA, ready to birth it up.  One part I love about preggers people is the clothes and how cute they look in maternity.  It brings a certain confidence to women because we are pregnant and allowed to let that gut out as opposed to the normal everyday societal pressures to be in shape and have a killer midsection.  I’d love to say, when I’m not pregnant that “I don’t care what people think” but I’m certainly not there, and still dream about the never going to happen 6 pack.  So, huge power to you if you truly don’t care as long as your healthy- its a journey to get there and its the best place to be. I told my husband the other day how thankful I am that I can complain about feeling huge, and even though I think my arms resemble elephant trunks right now, deep down, I’m happy about it….

To the shower, I wore an old maxi I’ve had for so long I don’t even know where its from, and our friend who was one of the featured mamas wore this adorable dress from Francesca’s that worked perfectly for showing off her belly- she’s 27 weeks. And our other featured mama rocked a more bohemian looking maxi that was also adorable- she’s 35 weeks.  Takeaway, maxis and straight line dresses can be GREAT for maternity dresses even though they weren’t necessarily meant for it.

Yesterday, I had a glorious moment when I checked the mail box on the way home from the gym.  My H&M order of maternity items I ordered last week arrived and it was like a package of pure relief.  I bought some cute maternity clothes a few months ago that are perfect for a casual office day or being out with friends (deets below).  And I have some amazing friends that gave me hand-me-downs which saved me a lot of $$. But, I left out the average everyday of my life which I always do when I shop.  I envision looking “cute” when I’m out and those are the clothes I buy which is so unrealistic. My average daily life is working from home, not putting on makeup, and looking just adult enough to be presentable should someone knock on the door.  So, I hopped on H&M and got some basic t-shirts, some “joggers” and PJ’s. Pajamas may seem unnecessary to some, but when your Victoria Secret shorts have to sit below your waistline only to have a t-shirt cover you belly, but maintain a lovely “hangover” where it doesn’t hug your body at all and puckers out over your shorts, you start to look like a truck driver and I’m not digging it.

Also, this week I only got 4 days of working out in, and I almost missed a 4th solely because both pairs of my maternity workout pants were dirty. After suffering a wretched workout with a stretching pair of Old Navy non-maternity leggings, I immediately ordered a 3rd pair from Target.  Below I have more deets on what I’m using for active wear. Bottom line, there are some crucial things to purchase to make your life easier on the everyday. Now, if I can just find an inexpensive bathing suit so I don’t show up at the pool again in a sports bra and Reebok shorts…

My Maternity Closet:  I rarely pay full price for anything so most of the below purchases I either got a 20% coupon online, free shipping or SOMETHING.  I find these just by searching “X coupon code” or the sites often are running constant deals.

Note: I currently can’t link these individually, but if you’re interested, just copy and paste the caption and you should find it! 

Cute Stuff:

Basics: (Note: Anything H&M I sized down in, I’m normally a medium and must get smalls here)

jersey tank- 999, pants check, 2 pack 14.99, pjs 29.99

Active Wear: Works for HIIT work outs and don’t slide down! Also I use those black leggings below for basic wear as well.

Bras: Here I just bought larger sports bras from Target, and tried on a few larger nursing bras there too.  I could kill two birds and get bigger, everyday bras that I can use postpartum as well for nursing.

So there you have it, pretty much my collection! Please share with any upcoming mamas 🙂




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