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Garage Hangers with Old Fencing Material


When we first moved in a little over 1.5 years ago, the garage was a priority to organize, and since I’m on an old fencing kick from my last post with the sunglasses hanger, I thought I’d continue the theme.  We didn’t have a garage or shed at our old place which resulted in snowboards hanging on the walls, our “office” becoming a hunter’s storage space, tools in random closets all over, and an attempt to shelter things outside which resulted in weathered ruin…  Needless to say, a garage was a must in our next home.

When we moved, since we had just cashed a lot out from purchasing a house, we were trying to be very thrifty with our organization tactics.  Instead of buying an assembly for wall hanging in a garage with hooks and metal bars, we looked around to see what we could do on our own and came across this blessing in disguise of a woodpile alongside our backyard fence…

Our Beloved Wood Pile

To most, this looks like a trash or scrap pile and it’s more of an annoyance that it was left on the property before we moved in, but to us, we have found multiple opportunities from this pile (coming soon, dog crate table top!).  It’s a result of old siding, trim, fence and Lord knows what else.  Since, we have propped it up off the ground and weeded out the rotten pieces, leaving only what is usable to us. We found 2 awesome weathered pieces of fence from when this fence was put up:

Original Fence 

We pulled them out and they were the perfect solution for hanging racks we needed in our garage.

Top: Untreated original fence piece.  Bottom: Sanded and stained piece ready for hanging. 

I took to each, and set up a very professional trashcan propping system so I could sand down the pieces, clean them off and stain them.  I used whatever sanding block I had in my garage as I just wanted to lightly sand to get the grit off, then found some left over minwax from the previous owners.  After wiping off the sanding dust, I used a lint-free towel to generously put stain on the pieces then wipe away after leaving the beautiful darker stain you see above.  We sawed one piece to be a little shorter as far as prep, that was it. They just needed to dry and we could hang them up!

Once dried, on some wall space in the garage, we screwed them in. FullSizeRender_3

We put in a few heavy duty nails to hold smaller items like the shoe chains and saw you see above.  Next, the only thing we purchased for this project, were some hooks to handle racks and other more clunky items that could not be held with a simple nail.  We found these at Home Depot, but Amazon has some great variety packs:

Suddenly, we had a great looking, rustic hanging system in our new garage that really served full functionality!

The Final Product of our Hanging DIY Old Fence System 

Being on a budget has opened our eyes to getting really creative.  There are a lot of simple solutions out there available for purchase, but don’t forget to look around first! You’d be surprised at how many “thow-away” items can become useful or decorative with a little attention.


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