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DIY Easy Sunglasses Hanger


I’m not sure about you guys, but from the age of 25 to now, we are on the tail end of wedding bonanza and beginning of baby crazy with our friends.  The year of my wedding alone, we had 6 weddings and one of my best friends and mine were only 3 weeks apart. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good wedding, except, since getting pregnant the limited alcohol consumption has been kind of a bummer… Though, I do rub it in when my husband is hungover in the morning and I’m ready to spring out of bed.

Along with all these weddings, there is a great fad of having sunglasses made as a take home favor for your guests and printing a hashtag, date or a cute line on the side.  Hilariously, when we thought of it for our wedding and thought the idea was original, and didn’t realize everybody was already doing it.  My best friend kindly enlightened me to “get the net” and realize this was everywhere…. whoops- oh well, we were still on board! I lose sunglasses like a boss, so having these extra, inexpensive ones around has been crucial.  And, of course, I haven’t lost a single pair of the cheap ones…

So I was faced with some major sunglasses clutter but I really didn’t want to toss any of them.  I had this idea inspired by my neighbor to make an easy hanger.  I went into my backyard in the woods and found an old piece of fence that was beautifully weathered, grayed, and the perfect size already! I grabbed that bad boy, lightly sanded it, and that was IT.

For the “hanger” portion, I needed something durable to hold the sunglasses, but also flexible enough to droop like I wanted.  I fumbled around my “extras ” pile, I found a curtain tie that came from a set of curtains I got from Wayfair.  I didn’t use the ties, so I saved the fabric thinking I could use it for something in the future- and boom, here we are.

I nailed the piece of fabric to the wood, and then I was done! Perfect, rustic hanger piece for our entryway in the mountains.  We’ve gotten so many comments and people have been grateful for the surplus of extra sunnies if they forget theirs when they come visit!

This is the easiest project I’ve done.  You can use lots of different materials for this.

Ideas for the base: any piece of wood, sturdy stick, old shelf base, small shutter, you name it!

Ideasd for hanger: Heavy burlap, old belt, old scarf, or braided shoelaces

Have fun!


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